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James E. Green Jr.  is a professional speaker, 

relationship strategist and the author of i am Love.

For over 15 years his aptitude and passion for

relationship building has helped people across the

United States strategically develop healthy

relationships with self and others through

evoking a consciousness to Love


“ To me, Love is the coherent will to give the better part of one's self to a person or cause, incorruptibly enduring all things with the faith that every contribution is serving the greater good of that person or cause.”

Though technological advancements continuously create new ways for us as a society to connect, it seems our ability to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of establishing meaningful relationships in many instances appears to be insurmountable. Without adequate resolution for unmerited bias, trauma, and other obstructions to the development of healthy relationships, stress mounts, productivity decreases, families fracture, marriages fail, and many of us live splintered lives.

  As a Relationship Strategist I foster and implement unique and effective solutions to unresolved experiences stemming from significant relationships. I provide my clients with dynamic opportunities to identify, analyze, and overcome obstacles through evoking a consciousness to Love.

J.E. Green, The Love Advocate


As a national speaker and trainer for the last fifteen years, James has partnered with many agencies, organizations, and institutions, working with diverse populations. Some are listed below.


Baltimore City Public Schools

Baltimore, MD

Fulton County Public Schools

Fulton County, GA

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services

Maryland, U.S.

Metropolitan Police Department
-Youth Division

Washington, D.C.

State of Louisiana Office of
Juvenile Justice

Louisiana, U.S.

The Family League
of Baltimore City, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Clayton County Public Schools

Clayton County, GA

Urban Leadership Institute

Baltimore, MD

Greatness Now, Inc.


Girls as CEOs Foundation

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Education Network

Baltimore, MD

Consortium College Prep
High School

Detroit, MI

Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Employment Development

Baltimore, MD

Elmer A Henderson: A Johns Hopkins Partnership School

Baltimore, MD

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