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"Love until pride surrenders."
-J.E. Green

About James

James E. Green Jr., is a professional speaker, Relationship Strategist and the author of i am Love.

For over fifteen years James has served as a human development consultant and trainer in the non-profit, for profit, juvenile justice, and educational sectors, in various capacities that range from grassroots organizer, to operations director/coordinator, to brand and image consultant.

As a native of Baltimore, Maryland, James' surroundings inspired a personal conviction to see positive change in the lives of others. At an early age, his ability to develop and effectively communicate viable solutions for the challenges youth face daily, garnered James a national platform as a youth advocate. Since, his aptitude and passion for teaching, advocacy and relationship building has helped people across the United States strategically develop healthy relationships with self and others through evoking a consciousness to Love. His expertise and compassion for the human condition has become an impetus for progress in the lives James has touched through the diverse partnerships he’s fostered across the country.

In his first literary effort, i am Love, James shares the principles of his enduring success as a relationship strategist. Through honest self reflection, shared life experiences, and insightful teachings about the transformative power of Love, James continues to solidify his position as a dynamic innovator in the world of human development.

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For those in need of meaningful resolution, contact James for a free 15 min consultation.


i am Love

i am Love is and amazingly insightful real life story that illustrates how our experiences with Love are perpetually forging the evolution of our existence.

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As an experienced speaker and trainer for the last fifteen years, James has partnered with many agencies, organizations, and institutions across the country, working with diverse populations. Click below to find out more.

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