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Today when you woke up, Love greeted you with the most amazing gift anyone could ever receive, life. Your inhaled your first conscious breath of the day and then Love blessed you yet again with another invaluable gift, choice. Did you lay there with your eyes open stirring at the ceiling? Did you hop up to make breakfast or check on the children? Maybe you made the decision to go for a morning run, or take a long shower, or simply went back to sleep. Whichever it was Love was happy to afford you that opportunity.

Every moment of everyday Love gives to us immeasurable blessings. Whether physical or psychological, these blessing are in fact ours to appreciate. Unfortunately, often times we are so distracted by things that don't progress us or our relationships that we miss the opportunity for appreciation. The blessing Love affords exist at the core of our most authentic relationships, they live in the midst of our most purposed day to day activities, and they thrive based upon our ability to recognize them. You know when you've reached that place of appreciation because your soul responds with a resounding yes to life, evenvin the dead of silence.

On a daily basis we are all bombarded with illusion of gratification, compelling us to ego driven acts that captivate our attention, and shift our focus. These distractions provide fleeting satisfaction only to leave us longing for more of the intangible. These interactions can end in regret or even an array of seemingly unanswered questions. Questions like, what is Love? Do I have time for It, and is Love worth my time? To the second and third questions my answer to you would be yes. They are directly contingent upon my answer for the first.

To answer question one, Love is an experience many have know had but few comprehensively understand. We often lack understanding because we lack patience, compassion & the ability to forgive. We give so much power to pain that we rob ourselves of the ability to recognize and accept the most pivotal part of our Love experience. Love has only come to give more of that which it is, Love. Nothing more, nothing less. We get back from Love what we give.

It's my personal belief that we spend too much time focusing on the person(s) rather than Love itself in our relationships. People are fallible and their mistakes hurt; often deeper than we are willing to admit. The aforementioned truths mean that pain is inevitable. Therefore it isn't practical rationale to avoid Love, but rather proof as to why we must incessantly practice patience & compassion. These truths about pain stemming from the actions of others validate why we must live in a constant state of forgiveness.

There is undeniable strength in yielding ourselves to the process of Love. There is nothing to gain from investing in fear. We may attempt to mask fear as many things, but at the core of every seemingly reasonable explanation why we deny Love, is fear. Even in your attempts to avoid Love it still greets you every morning with the blessing of choice.

Considering this, I urge you to choose Love today!



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