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Familiar Can Be Fatal

Familiar can be fatal. Even when It may be a figurative death, it’s still death nonetheless. Sometimes we seek familiar in our flesh because searching for the right yes and missing the mark would seemingly do much more than break our hearts.

Remember the journey of our ancestors and be reassured that our souls are resilient. What’s at stake is far greater than the short lived satisfaction of revisiting the the consistently toxic thoughts and behaviors of our past. We will never always get “it” right. However, we can be consistent in doing what is righteous.

Far be it from me, to be preachy”. I would never claim that discipline is easy. I assure from experience, often it doesn’t feel good. But discipline can and will save your life, if you let it. That ain’t figurative at all.

Discipline is how we can avoid fatal and develop peace. It’s a process, wherein, the little negative voices fade over time and the desire for toxic behaviors will cease. Then you’ll realize that there is no need to keep certain receipts because what’s coming is far greater than what has been.

Your Friend & Brother,


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